Family Law Services by Boers Associates

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Family Law Services by Boers Associates

Family Law covers all aspects of family relationships – breakdown, divorce, parenting rights and care of children, financial support of children and former partners, and property division. Specialist Family Law services provided by Boer’s Associates Lawyers cover the entire spectrum of Family Law in marriage and de facto opposite and same-sex relationships, including:

• Co-parenting arrangements and agreements in same-sex relationships
• Parenting orders in international commercial surrogacy arrangements
• Altruistic and commercial surrogacy arrangements and agreements
• Parentage orders in altruistic surrogacy arrangements
• International and interstate relocation cases
• Spousal and de facto maintenance claims
• Sperm and ovum donor agreements
• Property and financial settlements
• Parenting orders and agreements
• Adult child maintenance claims
• Binding financial agreements
• Hague convention matters
• Child support agreements
• Sole occupancy orders
• Applications for nullity
• Divorce applications
• Child support claims
• Intervention orders
• Parenting disputes
• Reproductive law
• Asset protection
• Injunctions
• Adoption

Special Medical Procedure Cases

Our focus is to provide advice as to the realistic outcome early in any matter. We work efficiently and tactically towards achieving the best possible outcome for our clients. This is done by utilising any one of the following processes best suited to the client:

• Court proceedings, where all else fails and in cases of urgency
• Round Table Conferences
• Traditional Negotiation
• Collaborative Practice
• Mediation

In many circumstances Australian Family Law places an emphasis on parties attempting to reach agreement through negotiation before bringing a matter before the Family Law Courts. Legal representation is not just for court matters or where there is disagreement. Even when your aim is to negotiate an agreed outcome in your family law matter, legal advice is invaluable. It will inform you of your rights and responsibilities under the law and provide advice about any processes that the law requires parties to follow.

In many family law matters, the main priority is to provide certainty to the parties – to have their matter resolved so everyone can move forward. Having specialist legal advice and representation throughout the conduct of your family law matter can ensure that a proper resolution is reached.

When you arrange to speak to us about a family law matter, in an initial consultation we will:

• Advise of what processes are available to deal with your matter and assess which is best suited to your matter
• Assess the likely outcome in your matter and explain the reasoning
• Explain the law relevant to your matter and how it is applied
• Take your details and information relevant to your matter
• Work out a plan to best deal with your matter