Graphic designing industry is a vast industry that has many small elements in its ordeal that inspires people to join in with the industry each passing day. But there is a fact that not many graphic designers, especially the beginners, know about this industry. Being a great big industry, it has many important elements that can be put to use for the greater good. You do not necessarily have to be hired by a company to design your respective talent speaking logo because there are endless opportunities waiting for you.

Image template for pinterest

Pinterest is a modern application that is famous worldwide and attracts thousands of customers everyday. If you have heard about pinterest, you would know the image templates I am talking about and the intricate designs that are put to make them attractive and appealing. These templates can now be designed by you and it ensures a steady income that comes at a fixed rate without any installments.


You can always design printables that can be sold on etsy. In these printables, there is not much to play around with as there are often just quotes that require a few tinkers with the text and font tools. Otherwise there are no image specific pictures that can be incorporated into the printables. However, these printables are sold at a low cost but can help you engage in a few new tools that can help you practise and learn. These tools can help you in the future by showcasing your talent through diverse ways.

Designing Ebooks

Ebooks are the new part of this generation that likes to read and write. Nothing beats a book whose pages you can smell and get lost into, but these Ebooks are the advanced way to help you read all the time, anytime. You can design the covers of these books that are often found on Kindle Amazon and design the cover as how you would like for it to be perceived. This comes very close to what you could be designing at a company with different logos and designs and it comes at a good price too.

Organizing workshops

If you do not wish to establish a full time teaching job, then you can always organize workshops if you know the basics and concepts behind graphic designing. These workshops are interactive face to face communicative talks that helps the students learn in a hostile working environment and allows them to be open about their problems and their relation with graphic designing. It is usually through these workshops that students are inspired to become a perth graphic designer. Motivate the young minds and help them learn a few tools through online learning at the spot.