I read with interest the expression of the President Plrt Caprara on the theme of the airport and the finger pointed at the President and Mayor Borradori.

Certainly I do not allow myself to be a lawyer for the lawyer and mayor Borradori, simply because he is able to do so given his long experience in politics. I did not like, however, that my colleague, deputy Caprara (as party chairman) attacks and points to one person in the LASA. Caprara’s not very elegant behavior and even more not aware of what happened at the airport in the last two years.

Dear Colleague, the UDC on this airport dossier is the only political formation (together with the Greens) not to occupy any place on the boards of directors, much less in that of LASA.

The Lugano sectional UDC is the only truly critical non-government voice, therefore not sitting in the city executive, which for the past two years has had the courage to demonstrate, with technical data and also uncomfortable questions, concern at the airport, but alas snubbed.
In recent weeks we have not, for consistency, wanted to express ourselves concretely for various aspects related to cantonal and municipal messages and the related relations, including not yet arrived on the table of the Lugano City Council, so for our choice we have not thrown ourselves into the fray inter-party that has been created. We still lack elements.

However, of masks to throw, dear colleague, there are all the party colors including yours. Blame with the Mayor of Lugano today, it is a classic attitude of the launch of the municipal electoral campaign of the next 2020. Although also by myself and by my group, the LASA has been criticized in the past, but I don’t see why we should not divide any blame to the rest of the LASA Board of Directors.

Do we want to start from the fact that all the parties of the Lugano Executive are represented there? We want to remember when there were nominations for the BoD starters who were presented and voted for? Do we want to remember that we have chosen rather a division of “party stools” than of aviation experts and sector experts? We at least had presented it. He collected only 4 miserable votes in the comule class.