Paul Boers

Senior Family Lawyer
Paul Boers

Paul Boers

Senior Family Lawyer


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Paul Boers was admitted to practice in 1990 and received his specialist accreditation in family law in 1999. Shortly thereafter, he served as a judicial officer of the Family Court of Australia for four years. Paul is senior in family law and is recognised by Surrogacy Australia as Australia’s leading reproductive law specialist.

Paul has determined thousands of family law matters during his time at the Family Court. His extensive experience as a judicial officer has contributed to his unique ability to view family law matters from the court’s perspective. As a result, he is able to provide comprehensive legal advice in a fraction of the time it would take an ordinary lawyer.

Paul holds a number of distinctions, including:

Member of the committee campaigning for law reform of laws relating to medical procedures for transgender adolescents
Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria
Legal Committee Member of Surrogacy Australia
Member of the Law Institute of Victoria
Solicitor of the High Court of Australia

In addition, Paul has written a number of papers on a range of topics such as:

A critique of the shared parenting laws, which is now required reading for the College of law Family Law Master’s course
His involvement in the case of Green-Wilson & Bishop [2014] FamCA 1031
Financial settlements in both marriage and de-facto relationships
Parenting disputes in the LGBTIQ context
Altruistic and commercial surrogacy