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Decision making in family law proceedings is more “open-ended” and discretionary than most other areas of law. This has created a situation in which many lawyers are unable to reliably predict the range of likely outcomes of their client’s dispute. Effective representation in the family law arena requires more than just knowledge of the relevant substantive and procedural guidelines. It takes a lawyer who can make a case that chimes with court’s practical understanding of their client’s dispute.

At Boers Associates, clients receive the benefit of practical insights drawn from our principal’s experience as a judicial officer of the Family Court of Australia. These insights allow us to develop solutions to our client’s legal problems that fit with the way in which judicial decision-makers actually think. We can forcefully articulate your case without the uncertainty and ambivalence that you would otherwise receive from a merely “book smart” lawyer. This enables us to achieve optimum results for our clients in a fraction of the time it takes lawyers who have never served on the bench.

So don’t compromise on insight by settling for a run-of-the mill lawyer. Choose someone whose unique, practical experience has played a deciding role in resolving thousands of family law controversies. Choose Boers Associates.

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Boers Associates was established in 2014 by Paul Boers, an Accredited Specialist in Family Law. Founded upon 25 years of experience, Boers Associates deal with all aspects of family law and will work hard to ensure justice upholds your rights.

Family law matters can be emotional and stressful for the parties involved. Boers Associates have extensive experience in dealing with Family Law matters. They are able to provide clients with reassurance and clear advice about their position and available courses of action. Their extensive experience enables Boers Associates to provide its clients with a premium standard of service.

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Paul Boers

Paul Boers

Senior Family Lawyer
Paul Boers was admitted to practice in 1990 and received his specialist accreditation...
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